Wing Mate - ALTOUR UK


If you have any question about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wing Mate/ALTOUR Standard Services

Worldwide Call Center
We are open 24/7. We can help anytime. One Number.

Rebook Service
We do not have ticketing time limit.

W-Care Desk
Customer Service Department.

VOID Service
You can cancel your trip next business day even allowed same day in Europe.

Hotel / Car
Hotel / Car Free Service Charge

One Time Service Fee
The service fee is charged on first time, no more.

Private Fare
Our best fare has beaten any online / agency air fare.

Other Wing Mate / ALTOUR Special Services

In addition to the standard services above. We can offer any service for your comfortable business trip.

We have eight (8) online booking engines. You can choose any system for your best fit. (Need Contract)